Our work model is inspired by two sources:

  1. Dabbas (The daily lunches delivered in India). A 129-year-old tradition that delivers approximately 200,000 homemade lunches every day to peoples offices and homes by 1 pm.
  2. The Paradox of Choice which claims 2 effects. The first, that too much choice causes paralysis rather than liberation. The second, that when a choice is finally made, we end up less satisfied with the result of the choice than we would be if we had fewer options to choose from.

So, drawing inspiration from the above and combining our passion for great tasting food and a desire for simplification, we came up with the following:

  • A rotating weekly menu. We have 3 different dishes a week which we prepare fresh to order every day. Once the week is up, the menu changes and we start again. 
  • A simple delivery system. There are no time-slots, just like the dabbas, we will dispatch the food as soon as it's ready and have it to you any time up to 1 pm.

The result is a delicious and healthy lunch menu that will bring you satisfaction and a simple delivery system. There is elegance in simplicity and that's what we're striving to achieve. 

Our mantra is simple: Keep it clean, keep it fresh, keep it natural.