How It Works

  1. Browse our site and pick out what you like, menus are kept small to ensure quality can be maintained and to make it easier to decide what to eat. Orders are then placed online, choosing from our weekly menu for either next day delivery or further in advance.

  2. At 8 pm, orders are finalised for the next day, we create our ingredients list and since everything is to order there’s no waste.

  3. On the day, we buy our ingredients fresh from local producers, ranging from our fruit and veg man who delivers, high street produce stores and right up to local supermarkets. Where ever we can source locally.

  4. All orders are then prepared fresh, by hand, in small batches with no additives or preservatives.

  5. When ready, we set off on our local area delivery route with the aim of having every meal delivered by 1 pm.

  6. You eat and enjoy… Every meal we make is packed with as much flavour and care as you’d expect from your own kitchen