About Us


Who are we?
Lunch Bowl is a lunchtime delivery service based in Dulwich offering fresh, quality food to your home or office every day.

What we do:
We offer a simple, no-nonsense approach to lunch. We take orders the night before, buy fresh every day, make to order and deliver to you at work by 1 pm. No time slots, no difficult choices on what to eat and no preservatives! Only fresh food. 

Why we do it:
Through personal experience, we understand how difficult it can be to find the time (and energy) in the evenings to prepare a decent and healthy meal for tomorrows lunch and we believe there's a better way to do it. We're tired of supermarket sandwiches with the sticky, doughy bread, ready meals which have been sitting on the shelves for weeks and bland, store-bought food that all has the same textures and tastes. Eating should be fun and that's what we want to share with our customers. 

How we do it:
In any given week there are only three lunches that can be bought (Sides and drinks are available every day). The menu changes weekly so you can't buy the same thing again until it comes back into a rotation. We don't offer time slots so you don't have to think about it, just pick which day you'd like your lunch (before 8 pm for next day delivery) and we'll get it to you any time up to 1 pm on the day.